once there was a boy whose father beat him up
but he never understood why
his mamma said that he was grey
and no one really liked that colour.

he asked the fat man who smoked a lot,
'what is grey?'
the fat man who smoked a lot said
'two colours merged.'

he sighed and the asked the churchman
and the churchman said
'someone very different'
and he prayed to god and said may He help him.

he sighed and asked the boy next door
who spat at him and said
'your mamma is black and poppa is white'
and that's why no one liked him.


ps poem inspired by to kill a mockingbird by harper lee.


  1. This is wonderful! I am SO pumped for go set a watchman, I've wanted to call my cat catticus finch for years xx

  2. Colors matter, still. I sometimes wonder if we'll ever learn.